Historical Origins

‘Tsang Pik Shan Secondary School’ changes school’s name to ‘Tsang Pik Shan (Sung Lan) Secondary School’


      As our school adheres to the teaching philosophy of the lay Buddhist Madam Tsang Pik Shan, ‘Follow the sage’s integrity and wisdom; Inspire learners’ potential and talents’ is our school’s mission.


      More than a century ago, Madam Tsang Pik Shan travelled from the mainland to Hong Kong. She realised many children in Hong Kong remained out of school, and the literacy rate was low. Madam Tsang greatly appreciated that she had the opportunity to be a disciple of the great Confucian scholar Chen Zibao as a child, and she dedicated her whole life to follow his teachings. To commemorate her teacher, she integrated the modern western educational model and founded ‘Sung Lan School’ in 1923.


      For many years, ‘Sung Lan’ had great success in educating talented prodigies, many of whom became government officials and scholars. Later, the alumni of Sung Lan founded ‘Tsang Pik Shan Secondary School’ in 1990 to commemorate her great efforts in education.


      The two schools, ‘Lan’ and “Tsang’, share the same origin and same virtues. In order to further advocate Madam Tsang’s sublime teaching philosophy, the school sponsoring body proposed the change and the incorporated management committee applied to the Education Bureau. The Education Bureau approved the change, and Tsang Pik Shan Secondary School will officially change its name on 1st September, 2021:


English:Tsang Pik Shan (Sung Lan) Secondary School


      We hereby would like to thank for the support from all sectors of the community. Our hope is that with the continued support and assistance from different sectors, our students follow the footsteps of our founders and predecessors to serve and contribute to our society in the spirit of traditional Chinese culture and Madam Tsang’s teaching philosophy.