Message from the Principal

“Follow the sage’s integrity and wisdom; Inspire learners’ potential and talents.”

This is the motto on which our school was founded.               


The lay Buddhist Madam Tsang Pik Shan (1890-1986) was the disciple of the great Qing Dynasty Confucian scholar Chen Zibao (1862-1922), hence belonging to the same branch of scholarship pedigree as Liang Qiqiao (1873-1929), and was two generations from the great teacher-scholar Kang Yaowei (1858-1927).  Madam Tsang moved to Hong Kong in the early part of the 20th century, and ever since was untiringly involved in the setting up of schools and other charitable endeavours.  She founded the Sung Lan School and the Heung Hoi Lin She (The Lotus Association of Hong Kong), and has always been revered as one of the greatest educators of Hong Kong, having contributed tremendously to the development of education in the territory.  She was awarded the order of M.B.E. by the British Empire in 1964.


Madame Tsang had great success in educating talented prodigies. Three of her students, Mr. Peter Chak-cheong Wong of the Executive and Legislative Council, the first Chinese ICAC Commissioner Mr. Man-kin Leung, and Dean of the School of Education in the Chinese University of Hong Kong Professor Cho-yee To, founded Tsang Pik Shan Secondary School in 1990 to commemorate her great efforts in education.


Just as people are diverse in their abilities and aptitude, they are also different in their socio-economic status, lifestyle and habits.  Despite such differences, we all deserve equal opportunities in education. This is the core value of the Confucian teaching — no discrimination in education.  At TPSSS, our mission is to inspire and nurture different talents. In addition to imparting knowledge, empowering students with IT skills and proficiency in written Chinese and English, as well as fluency in spoken Cantonese, Putonghua and English, we are most passionate about educating students with correct values, right attitudes and the ability to become life-long learners. Our students should possess independent thinking skills, a sense of responsibility, adaptability and the will to advance. Our notable mission is to nurture people of integrity with a sense of righteousness and the ability to make an honest living and to become future pillars of our society—a true alumnus of TPSSS.


We believe that a school is the second home for a student, and that it is a critical place in shaping a person’s character. To that end we not only have expectations on their academic achievements and character development, we also shower them with love, care and encouragement.  We as teachers are mindful of our role to provide exemplary models for students to follow to become healthy and honest individuals.


If we take a closer look at the education scene in Hong Kong, we may notice that there are many schools founded and run by the Catholic and Christian Church, but there are not many which devote their education to the traditional Chinese culture. TPSSS fills this void to nurture talents who are steeped in Chinese values and virtues, and are future servants and leaders of our society. “Where there are TPSSS emblems, there are TPSSS alumni.” Our hope is that our students follow the footsteps of our founders and predecessors to serve and contribute to our society in the spirit of the traditional Chinese culture.