Club Activity

Whole-person development has always been one of the most important goals of Tsang Pik Shan Secondary School. Extracurricular activities play a significant role in this 'community school'. In order to promote balanced development, broaden the students' horizons, and cultivate their leadership skills, the school has set up a total of 33 societies and groups of different types for students to participate in freely. Students who perform well are likely to be selected to join the school team to represent the school in different competitions, so as to enhance their self-confidence.


At the beginning of each semester, the extracurricular activities committee hold an "Extracurricular Activities Tour". At that time, clubs and societies will introduce themselves with certain mini games or performances, just like a carnival. It provides a chance for students to decide which clubs/societies they wish to enter according to their interest. The school stipulates that all junior form students must participate in at least one club/society and a maximum of three clubs/societies throughout the year. Secondary one students must participate in one of the uniformed teams to enhance their self-confidence, discipline and establish correct values. At the end of the semester, students' achievements in the activities will be recorded on the transcript as a form of encouragement.


The following are the clubs / societies that our school will hold in the coming year, (Students can follow the link below to watch the promotional video of the society)






Social Services

Chinese Club

Basketball club

Marching Band #

Juggling Club

Scout #

English Club

Table Tennis Club

Pop Band

Cheerleading Club

Girl Guide #

Maths Club

Badminton Club

Cantonese Opera Club

Campus TV

Hong Kong Red Cross Youth Units #

Science Club

Volley Ball Club

Drama Club

Drone Society

Flag-guard #

Technology Club

Water Sports Club

Dance Society

Floor Curling Club

Interact Club

Debate Club

Fitness Club

Visual Arts Club

Technology and Living Club


Speech Club

Long-distance running Club


Photographic Society








# In order to enhance students' self-confidence, discipline and establish correct values, our school will arrange at least three uniform groups, which fulfil one of the following requirements, for students to choose from:

1. Being one of the 11 government-funded youth uniformed groups in Hong Kong; or

2. A uniformed group with distinctive uniforms, marching training, as well as continuous and progressive learning.