Rules and Regulations

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm

Rules and Regulations for Using Library

General Rules

1. All the books, newspapers, magazines and CDs in the library are the property of Tsang Pik Shan Secondary School. They are reference materials for teachers, staff and students of the school.

2. All bags and backpacks must be kept at the storage deck on the left side of the borrower’s desk.

3. No eating or drinking, talking or yelling or running is allowed in the library. Students should remain silent in the library.

4. All the books and items in the library must be used carefully. If there is any loss or damage, borrowers need to pay compensation for the items.

5. Students are not allowed to change the arrangements of the library (such as desks, chairs and cabinets etc.) without the consent of the library staff. Students are not allowed to switch on / off any Electric power supply, computers or windows etc.

6. Taking books or other materials out of the library without any proper procedures will be treated as a case of theft.

7. After reading newspapers or magazines, please put them back tidily onto the shelves. Don’t leave them scattered around the library.

8. After reading books, please put them back in sections where they came from or on the collection shelf. They should not be left scattered around the library.

9. The teacher-librarian has the right to recall all the loaned books or other materials at any time.

10. The teacher-librarian has the right to inspect the property of any user when they are exiting the library.

11. Without the permission of the teacher-librarian, no students are allowed to enter the storeroom of the library.

12. Students must abide by the instructions of the teacher-librarian and library prefects so as to maintain proper order and discipline and operation of the library. Violator(s) will be punished based on the guidelines of the school regulations.

Borrowing Regulations

2.1 Students can borrow up to six items (Chinese and English books) with their student ID cards. Reading ambassadors and library prefects can borrow up to nine items. The loan period is two weeks.

2.2 A library card is not to be lent or transferred. Library staff have the right to refuse to lend books or articles to non-library card holders.

2.3 After an item is lent, the lender must keep it carefully. If any library material borrowed is damaged, the borrower should be liable to pay the full replacement cost of the damaged item or purchase the same item for the library.

2.4 Unless already reserved by another reader, each loan item may be renewed for up to two consecutive times so long as the process is completed before the due date. Overdue items are not renewable.

2.5 Online reservations can be made for up to three items.

2.6 An overdue fine of HK$1.0 is charged per library working day. The fine can be accumulative with no maximum limit.

2.7 When there are more than three overdue items in a borrower’s account, the account may be suspended until all overdue items are returned.

2.8 Reference books including dictionaries, encyclopedias, reference books for DSE exams, daily newspapers, magazines, and so on are only for reading in the library. For photocopying, please check with library staff.

2.9 If any library borrowed material is lost, please report the loss to the library teacher immediately, and purchase the same book or other books of the equal value as compensation for the loss.

2.10 All studying material for DSE Examination Report and Question Papers published by the Hong Kong Examinations Authority can be read in the library only by senior students (S4 - S6).

2.11 Students must return all borrowed books or items before graduation or withdrawal of school.

Conditions for Computer Use

3.1 All computers in the library are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

3.2 Computer users must register with the librarians with a student ID before using the computer.

3.3 Each computer can be used by no more than two people at a time.

3.4 The computers in the library are only used for learning or completing assignments. Any recreational websites or printings are forbidden.

3.5 Computer users must operate computers properly and take care of computer equipment, such as keyboards, monitors, mouses, etc. Do not change the settings or install software or programs on the computers. If any deliberate damage to the computers is caused, violators will be subject to punishment in accordance with school regulations and pay the library for compensation.

3.6 The library teacher reserves the right to monitor and control all activities of the users on the computers.